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The top bathroom updates you need!

Bathrooms are functional spaces. It’s a room where, on average, we’ll spend over 400 days of our lives and it’s often a room that ranks as one of the most important when selling a home. For such a well-used and impression-creating space, it’s often neglected and overlooked by homeowners when we’re looking for ways to turn our homes into luxurious sanctuaries. Elevating the aesthetic of your bathroom doesn’t have to involve a full-scale reno; all it takes is some sumptuous and (sometimes simple) upgrades to bring resort vibes to your home. Here’s how to get started:

  1. A 5-star hotel-worthy shower upgrade

Take your daily shower from mundane necessity to pure indulgence with this one simple tip. Choose a rainfall shower head for cascading waterfall-like shower jets, a shower head with multiple pressure options, or choose an LED shower head that puts on a light show while it’s at it! If you’re undergoing a full bathroom renovation, take your shower to the next level by incorporating a steam shower. It’ll melt away stress, improve circulation, detoxify, and save you on sauna visits!

  1. Don’t get cold feet

While they’re often considered pricey and unnecessary, there are plenty of pros to having heated floors. Not only will your bare feet luxuriate on warm tiles, but they can prove to be an effective and efficient way to heat the room to a comfortable temperature and help to rid the bathroom of lingering dampness. Best installed during a renovation rather than retrofitted, this opulent addition makes barefoot night-time and early morning visits to the bathroom much more pleasant.

  1. Toilet talk

Previously limited to awkward encounters abroad, installing a bidet (also known as the toilet that washes your bits) is now an emerging trend taking off on these very shores. And it’s not just thanks to the great toilet paper shortages of 2020/21. Touted as much more hygienic than traditional wiping methods, they’re better for the environment and can even be retrofitted to your existing loo.

If that’s too much for you, indulge your behind in a heated toilet seat – you’ll never go back!

  1. Vanity affair

The vanity is often the focal point of your bathroom and is also a hard-working, functional item. So, if there’s one area you’re going to splurge on, this should be it. Marble finishes are a sure-fire way to create resort-style vibes at home, and it’s equally important to pair them with the right mirror and lighting. Mirrors with LED back-lighting are functionally illuminating and infuse a Hollywood feel to your bathroom; they also make way for purely aesthetic touches like chandeliers or feature pendants.

  1. Reach for a toasty towel

A heated towel rail is a classic addition guaranteed to bring luxe to your bathroom. Stepping out of the bath or shower in winter and wrapping yourself in a deliciously toasty towel makes the transition so much easier. It also has the added benefit of being a hygienic way to store unused towels without creating a damp breeding ground for bacteria.

  1. A sophisticated soak

Nothing quite projects luxury vibes like the bathtub. It signifies taking time out for self-care, relaxation and ultimately slowing down. Whether a sleek monochrome tub or traditional claw foot is more your style, just add bath salts, candles or essential oils and prepare to settle in for a satisfying soak.

  1. Trending terrazzo

Chic, on-trend, fun and functional, terrazzo can transform a utilitarian bathroom into a dreamy spot that exudes Italian sun-drenched vacation vibes. There are endless options for bringing terrazzo into your bathroom; choose from bold feature walls or more subtle accessories.

  1. Curves in all the right places

Bringing curves into your bathroom creates more organic-looking lines that are softer, comforting, and ultimately perfect for relaxation. This growing trend sees curved walls, arched mirrors and rounded skylights that gently usher us away from the sometimes-soulless Scandi trend of recent years.

Easy luxe for less tips

If a full-scale bathroom upgrade isn’t in your current budget, inject a touch of luxe for less with these easy tips:

  • Invest in indoor plants – choose humidity-loving plants like ferns, pothos (Devil’s ivy) and orchids.
  • Upgrade your towels – mimic the luxurious hotel feel with plush white towels and invest in some bath sheets.
  • Freshen up the décor – from ceramic soap dispensers to bamboo bath caddies, a few inexpensive touches can immediately elevate your overall aesthetic.
  • Update your hardware – switching out the hardware on your vanity and any cabinets can instantly refresh and revamp the feel of your bathroom.

Relax in your newly created sanctuary

By incorporating a few sumptuous and luxurious upgrades to your bathroom, you’ll truly begin to look forward to using the space – so much so that you might not want to share it! If you’ve invested in a bathroom upgrade and you’re keen to see how this has impacted your property value, you can always contact or pop in to see us for a market appraisal.

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