Your Moving Checklists

Here are a couple of simple checklists to make sure your move runs as smoothly as possible.  You will find downloadable lists at the bottom of the page.  

Notify your change of address

  • New Zealand Post for mail redirection
  • Your bank
  • The IRD
  • Your children’s schools
  • Doctor, dentist and other medical or health practitioners
  • The local authority or council – rates
  • Stores where you charge accounts
  • Your hire purchase company
  • Publications you subscribe to
  • Your insurance company to transfer your houselhold insurance, car, contents and/or health insurance
  • Relatives, friends
  • Local club memberships
  • Your solicitor

Transfer Services

Transfer the following services and make sure they’re set up for the day you move in.

  • Gas and power
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Telephone
  • Internet connection
  • Water
  • Sky TV
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Lawnmowing/garden services

Some tips for move day

When the big day comes around, make sure you’re as prepared as possible – whether you’re using a moving company or friends and family are helping out.

  • Remove all fixtures and fittings from walls
  • Disconnect your washing machine and drain the water
  • Check the tops of wardrobes and in the attic/basement for any forgotten belongings
  • Don’t put breakables or lequids in drawers to be moved
  • Don’t polish furniture prior to moving it – it’s more likely to be dropped when slippery!
  • Keep any jewellery, money, passports, legal documents or insurance policies with you.

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