Part – Time Champions

Working part-time doesn’t mean your’e part-talented, part-ambitious or part-motivated

Life is a journey and certain milestones we pass can create the need to adjust our working life accordingly. Ageing parents may need our care and attention, perhaps a health issue arises and we need to slow the pace a little. Children come along and, naturally, we want to be there for them as they grow. These life changes can have enormous impacts on our professional life and, subsequently, our income, particularly if the company one works for has little flexibility to allow for such events.

Principal, Angie Patel, knows only too well the challenges that these changes can present. “Our values here at First National Fortitude are a reflection of our own journey along these routes.” says Angie. “We, ourselves, have parents who are elderly, unwell and needing our attention and involvement. We also have young children of our own so we know how important it is, and how much effort it takes, to successfully balance our personal and working lives in a way that keeps our family unit solid and our work ethic strong.

With that in mind we have developed a programme that not only allows for work place flexibility but which also means that we, as business owners, can happily embrace skilled part-time real estate salespeople. There is a wealth of skill and knowledge out there amongst those who can only invest part time hours in order to maintain equilibrium in their lives and our intention is to tap into that pool.

That being said we’ve created a professional, yet nurturing, environment to receive part time professionals and are now ready to extend the invitation out to those who are seeking such an agency to work with.

If this is igniting your interest feel free to call us and we’ll meet to discuss your unique situation and how we can possibly work together.”

Contact Angie on or call on 022 676 4778 or 09 302 0200

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